Dr. Rob Lamberts

Physician in Augusta, Georgia

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I don't like the insides of boxes. I am always trying to think my way out of them. After 18 years as a primary care physician in our glorious system, I left. In February 2013 I opened a new practice, Dr. Rob Lamberts, LLC, one in which I no longer slaved away for insurance companies or governement bureaucracies. I have a new employer: my patients.

My move has gotten lots of attention, as I am also a medical blogger, detailing my adventures before an interested audience. Why the attention? I doubt it's my good looks. I think it's because my practice model actually makes sense, focusing on health over sickness, people over payers. I am now convinced that this revival of old-fashioned medicine could be the very thing that saves American healthcare.

My blog, Musings of a Distractible Mind has been a diversion for both me and my readers (as twisted as that seems). I started writing in 2006, writing some about medicine, some about personal opinions and thoughts, and a healthy dose of humor. Mysteriously, llamas have become a big part of my writing. I still don't know how that happened. Still, these quadropeds have become a large part of my online persona, culminating in my authoring another website, Llamaricks, a blend of poetry (loosely interpreted), humor (even looser), and some actual intellectual thought (loosest of all).

What about my credentials? Here you are:

  • Board certified in Internal Medicine
  • Board certfied in Pediatrics
  • Winner 2003 Davies Award in Primary Care (Use of IT in primary care setting)
  • Speaker, HIMSS (Health Information Management Systems Society), ACP (American College of Physicians)
  • Hosted the House Call Doctor Podcast, from the Quick and Dirty Tips family of podcasts (McMillan Publishing), from July 2009 - December 2010.
  • Appeared on This American Life, Science Friday
  • Writing has been featured on The Health Care Blog, Kevin, MD, ACP Insider, Physicians Practice Pearls, and the New York Times Health Blog.

I have absolutely no idea what is going on in the background picture, but I am certain it is my key to understanding life.

  • Work
    • Owner, Dr. Rob Lamberts, LLC
  • Education
    • Jefferson Medical College
    • Indiana University
    • Houghton College